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Join us in the fight against disinformation. Let’s build a united and inclusive nation for all.

BUILD Pilipinas

Who Are We?

BUILD Pilipinas is Bridging Unity and Inclusiveness through Leadership in the Digital Age.

We are a community of truth tellers committed to fighting disinformation and building a united and inclusive nation for all.

Our committed volunteers come from all walks of life and share the vision of a better Philippines: where a government with integrity leads us to a future where progress is felt and no one is left behind.

Our Core Values




Shared Responsibility

We are credible, compassionate, optimistic, fun, hardworking, and relentless.

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Become A Truth Ambassador Online

This year, we will intensify our "People's Campaign Against Disinformation" through TAO or Truth Ambassadors Online.

We need to play smarter for the longer game. The goal of TAO is to expand our digital presence and build a bigger megaphone that we can use to bring our message to a wider audience beyond the usual echo chambers.

As a Truth Ambassador Online, you will work on creating and joining interest-based digital communities, expand our presence in these niches, and build influence so that we can connect with our fellow netizens from one Pinoy to another, tao sa tao.

If you’re committed to the truth, join us and volunteer for BUILD Pilipinas as a Truth Ambassador Online. Click on the button below to sign up.

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