Disinformation spreads. Polarization divides. We stand fractured as a nation.

Let's push back against the chaos disinformation creates. Join us in this fight and have fun along the way.​

Join us in fighting disinformation and building unity in our country.​

Here at BUILD Pilipinas, we’re at the forefront of the battle. We’re not sitting back; we’re diving in, taking bold action, and making a positive impact. Be part of the movement to keep our online world real and united! Tara na sa #LabangTotooIkawAtAko.

Together, we can continue the movement and make the change we dream of.

Together, let's make a difference! Sign up and contribute to our targeted programs:

BUILD TAO (Truth Ambassador Online)​

TAO is BUILD Pilipinas’ frontline for spreading accurate content strategically. As Truth Ambassadors Online, you play a crucial role in ensuring the truth reaches a wide audience. Join TAO to actively counter disinformation by strategically sharing the truth.

BUILD CHAMPS (Building Champions)

Build Champs is our influencer community within BUILD Pilipinas. Empowering individuals with influence to champion against disinformation, Build Champs use their reach to foster positive narratives, share accurate information, and encourage responsible online behavior.

BUILD UP (United Provinces)

At the provincial level, BUILD UP tackles disinformation by uniting provinces. Focused on local collaboration and community engagement, BUILD UP builds resilient provinces by uniting communities against Disinformation.


Support from donors like you powers BUILD Pilipinas’ mission. Your contribution fuels our fight against disinformation and helps create a more informed and united Philippines. Join us in making a lasting impact! #LabangTotooIkawAtAko